High-Performance Nitrile Gloves (100 gloves per pack)

Nitrile Gloves are the synthetic gloves made from the rubber-like material. They are puncture resistant hence are placed in the high category among the other gloves. It’s allergy free so anyone can use without thinking twice. These are kind of most chosen type of glove among the three types available in the market.


  • Reliable, strong, flexible, durable and also have higher tensile strength.
  • Un-powdered & free from latex, hence no chances of contamination or allergy to the wearer or the object.
  • Fit like a second skin, so easy to manage and offers dexterity and sensitivity
  • Extremely resistant to punctures, tear as well as harmful chemicals.
  • Easy to dispose and carry.
  • Offers protection from dangerous and the unwanted substances present on or near the object.
  • Cuff includes beads with prevent and fluid or liquid to roll down.
  • Can choose the size and the type of packaging.
  • These gloves are made up of the texture which allows you wet as well as dry grips.
  • Free from DHEP, protein and other unwanted raw materials.
  • Offers protection from petroleum based products.
  • All the industrial standards are followed and complied to make the product.
  • Not limited to medical industry only.
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