Easy Way Delivery Services offers dedicated service professionals who can help you manage your fleet with greater productivity and efficiency. Our flexible fleet management service solution can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. We can customize our service to substitute or back up your current drivers, accommodate seasonal demand, assist with getting your in-house transportation operations to a higher level, or provide a worry-free way to manage your fleet and reduce overall transportation and staff costs.

Utilizing Easy Way’s dispatchers and fleet management software to expedite, track and complete deliveries, Easy Way can manage your employee drivers’ deliveries or provide a professional dedicated driver to run your routes, delivering fully transparent door-to-door delivery service according to your needs.

Our Fleet Management solutions consist of:

  • Dedicated Fleet & Driver – Obtain a dedicated vehicle and personnel
    to use as your own
  • Logistics Management – Have Easy Way use its experienced dispatch staff and advanced technology to manage your employee drivers
  • Logistics Consulting – Have Easy Way design and implement a customized plan that solves your specific transportation needs