Easy Way’s Scheduled and Routed Delivery services provide economical and reliable courier solutions for customers with ongoing delivery needs to one or multiple destinations. Our professionally trained staff utilizes the latest technology to achieve high service standards, consistent on-time delivery and efficient pricing.

We have a modern and varied fleet–from vans to 24 ft. box trucks–and offer scheduled and routed deliveries throughout Chicago Metropolitan area, State of Illinois, and Midwest. For out of town deliveries, we maintain the proper licenses required by the US Department of Transportation to provide interstate service.

Our Scheduled & Routed Delivery services include:

  • Recurring daily or weekly delivery
  • Periodic, recurring delivery based on a specific date of the month
  • Timely, hassle-free deliveries to multiple locations
  • Dedicated out of town delivery available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • TSA certified and STA approved drivers for transportation to ensure security and proper handling of all Sensitive Security Information (SSI)