Easy Way Delivery Services was founded in the fall of 2016 on the principle that hard work pays off.

Though a young company, our executive team and management staff has over 25 years of delivery experience. Owner Earnest Sutton has worked in every aspect of the delivery business from customer service to vice-president.

The company name comes from a philosophy Mr. Sutton used for over 20 years as a football coach. He told every group of young athletes almost daily that, “The easy way is…the hard way!”

Coach Sutton explained that the harder you work at something the easier it will become and the better you will be. Hard work pays off was the mentality he instilled in athletes. He further told them that this philosophy not only applied to the football field and the classroom, but it applied to everything one does in life.

It is with that mindset that Easy Way Delivery Services became a reality and operates today.

We want every one of our clients to know that the name Easy Way means that we will work hard to make things Easy for you.

We focus every day on living up to our mission: “To exceed our clients’ expectations in customer service, delivery, and costs through continuous improvement and strong client relationships.”

Easy Way has experience and expertise in on-demand and scheduled delivery services, temperature controlled delivery, medical courier delivery, printed publication delivery, customer logistic services, door-to-door delivery, and last mile delivery. We are the logical choice for premier healthcare, pharmaceutical, publishing, financial and retail customers throughout the Chicagoland area, Illinois, and the Midwest. EXPERTISE

Easy Way executes third party logistics for a range of clients, providing a single point of contact and expertise for organizations so that they can manage their core business knowing their customers’ delivery needs will be satisfied. SERVICE

Easy Way clients receive the highest degree of professionalism and customer service from our couriers, who model our belief in integrity, hard work, and building dynamic customer relationships. Each Easy Way courier undergoes an extensive background check, motor vehicle screening, and training to ensure proficiency in our state-of-the-art delivery management technology. SECURITY

Since the exposure to COVID-19 we have all experienced serious changes and shifts in our daily lives. New challenges appear to navigate every moment. Easy Way has joined the battle to fight Covid-19. We now offer a full line of competitively priced Personal Protective Equipment.

Earnest Sutton
Easy Way Delivery Services, LLC
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Schedule a pick up and delivery today and see why thousands of companies are already using our courier delivery services today; while thousands more continue to switch to us to streamline their rush same day delivery processes.


“To exceed our clients expectations in customer service, delivery, and costs through continuous improvement and strong client relationships.”

Our mission statement not only reflects our commitment to serve our customers with dedication and professionalism, it governs the way we conduct our business. It provides us with direction and purpose.

Easy Way Delivery Services has over 25 years of experience in delivery service in various markets. We offer competitive rates, competent customer service, and an outstanding track record of satisfaction with our customers.

If you need delivery of medical specimens, publications (i.e. newspapers, or magazines) to a medical facility, lab, business or individual homes, Easy Way Delivery Services will make sure those delivery needs are met. We work hard to make things easy on you…That’s the Easy Way!

We are a MBE Certified Company.